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How We Work

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We Build to Scale From Day 1

At ExergyIQ we understand that the foundation you lay with Version 1 of your software is critical to its future scalability and success. Our approach to building software is rooted in a forward-thinking mindset, ensuring that the architecture and technologies we choose are not only perfect for your current needs but are also capable of adapting and scaling as your business grows.

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Our development process begins with thoughtful planning and a focus on creating a scalable architecture from the outset. By considering future features, potential user growth, and increased load, we ensure that your software is built on a flexible framework that can expand and evolve.

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We Are Thoughtful Planners 


We Leverage Modern Technologies

We leverage modern, scalable technologies and cloud-based solutions to ensure that your application can handle growth in users, data, and traffic seamlessly. Our expertise in AI, Cloud, and Big Data allows us to implement systems that improve with usage, making your software smarter and more efficient over time


Adopting an agile and iterative development process, we focus on delivering a solid MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that includes core functionalities while laying the groundwork for future enhancements. This approach allows us to quickly adapt to changes, test new ideas, and implement features that add the most value to your users.


We Are Agile and Iterative

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We Continuously Optimize

From the start, we embed continuous testing and optimization into the development lifecycle. This ensures that as your software scales, performance remains high, and the user experience stays smooth. We monitor performance metrics and user feedback closely to make informed decisions about enhancements and optimizations.


As your business grows, our team remains committed to supporting its growth through strategic updates, performance optimizations, and the addition of new features. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your application not only meets the demands of today but is also prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

At ExergyIQ building to scale from Version 1 means creating software that grows with your business. Let us help you lay a foundation that supports sustainable growth, exceptional performance, and continuous innovation.

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We Prepare for Growth


Offshore Development Center

Managed  ODC for your project

Ideal for Product Development.

Manage the project using your own methodologies. Let Exergy IQ worry about everything else.

Simple and Cost Effective.

Managed Option

An ODC is the best long-term
option to manage a product through its entire lifecycle



Short-term Dedicated Team

Extend your team's capabilities.

Work directly with your team.  Quickly and easily spin-up / spin-down.

Monthly Billing

More Flexible

Try our team for a specific project



Establish your own ODC 

We provide candidates, you select, hire and determine pay.

We help setup key infrastructure,
paperwork, office space and

Fixed Fee

Bolster Your Team

Add proven team members 
to your capabilities

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